Here at Blu pod

Well what a busy half of the year it has been here at Blupod.
The start of the year saw us have a nice long summer which we all needed, plenty of fishing and diving and plenty of people, which we just love.

We have had lots of little changes here at Blu pod, with our store layout changing monthly. Which I must say is looking fantastic, it has opened the shop right up 🙂
Great new clothing labels have been hitting our racks and our own personalised Beachport canvas prints which have been a huge success, we even had an order for 2 of the prints to be sent to Las Vegas.

March saw Abi and I enter the Beachport Triathlon as team Blupod in the short course. For myself it was my first ever triathlon event so I was very nervous but was very happy with the end result. Abi kicked off my bike and run leg with one of the fasted swims of the day.
Blupod sponsored this year’s event with a great new peak tri suit with goggles and cap.

In May we had the chance to met Tony Abbott who was riding from Adelaide to Melbourne for Pollie pedal. The whole group stopped for coffee next door and even a browse here at Blupod with a few purchases being made by the group.

Fishing the last few months has been going really well, our little salmon hole has been going off! Locals are saying its some of the biggest fish they have seen get caught. With a lot of the salmon weighing over 4kg, let’s hope the salmon stick around for our salmon competition, which we are now busy gearing up for, which will be held in the July school holidays.

Keep you posted
Tiff 🙂



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